Just bought a brand new Kawasaki Z1000. Previous bikes Yamaha FZ1 and Bandit 1200. Haven't seen full road tests yet on the Z1000 but after my 160 miles it has real potential.
First impressions are.... a much rawer down and dirty street/canyon bike than the FZ1. Feels much lighter, it is certainly a lot more of a twisties eater than the FZ1 which was aimed more at high speed sweepers. So far it just seems to love corners, real stable, very forgiving, just happy to be leaned over.
The Transmission even thought brand new is much smoother than the FZI and makes the bike feel really sweet. The brake modulation is not as good as the FZ1 they need a lot to get them on but work ok once applied. The Fz1 allowed full stops with 2 fingers and rolling the throttle.
So far only 180 miles I've been trying to keep it easy on the engine. one short spurt up to 115 felt fine but haven't given it a good workout from 7-11,000 RPM.
The engine is a stressed frame member so there is some vibration but its at the level where it just gives the bike character. Hopefully the engine is real eager in the upper RPM ranges which is where i usually am.
I bought the bright orange one rather than the Black one. Looks wise I think the orange is great. How much the color enrages the cops is to be seen.
Trying not to do wheelies till 500 miles so nothing to report there.
Seating position is sportier than the FZ1 and I think there will be more ground clearance, the FZI was prone to scrape feet, pegs, muffler and frame.
Haven't had my girlfriend on it yet but suspect it will be less comfortable than the FZ1.