Immigration - Amnesty
It's being pushed in the Senate this Week!

Seal the borders 1st!   Then talk about paths to citizenship!

great video on Google video just about numbers coming in

If you do not clearly understand the extent and ramifications of this extremely far reaching, overly ambitious, overly complicated and little understood Amnesty bill you really should consider calling your Senator and Congressman and asking them to stop this bill and create a bill that we Americans understand.
As a lifelong Republican I can not understand why President Bush is going against 85% of the American people who want a totally secure border 1st. This current plan will totally change the country and to me is to complicated, to little understood, way to much, way to fast and should only start to be discussed after we have a totally secure southern border.

If you are with the 85% of Americans who are not understanding why Bush, Kennedy Trent Lott and McCain are so eager for this plan, then let your Senator and Congressman know your feelings!    Also for you democrats why aren't your candidates standing loudly and firmly behind this bill?

-- This is very important for your future and you need to be 100% behind it with a full understanding of its ramifications!

Thanks for your time------ Allen Hutton

Audio Links

listen to AUDIO from knowledgeable talk from Laura Ingraham.   You can listen to the last shows with no ads and get an idea of what is being done to the American people by the professional politicians.

Two Talk shows just on immigration!!!

Lauras Show 14th 14th 
and the 15th

show the 18th

show the 25th


You need to make yourself heard or you and your country will greatly damaged!

If you agree with me on this issue as most of my liberal friends do ----- SPEAK up NOW!

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For information about this and your Representatives name see
Laura at

learn about Mexican immigration laws at 

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for a web site to reach congress try

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